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The Truth About Oil Leaks and Synthetic Oil in Charleston, SC

One of the oldest concerns regarding synthetic oil is that it may cause oil leaks. That problematic has long been discarded, however there are still many persons that fear using synthetic oil because of this. At Maints Tech Sales and Service we would like to take the time to discuss this issue a bit further and get to the truth behind this concern.

Synthetic Oil Had Not Been Perfected

More than 45 years ago, when synthetic oils started to become more popular, they did sometimes cause oil leaks. This was because they had not been perfected and the manufactured parts of the engine such as the seals and gasket would sometimes tend to shrink with the use of synthetic oils, something that did not tend to happen with petroleum based oils.

Manufacturers Quickly Improved Synthetic Oil

All synthetic oil companies learned from this, and very quickly adapted and restructured their oil to prevent this from happening. This was more than 40 years ago and since there has been no problems due to the synthetic oils  causing shrinkage in seals or creating leaks.  However some persons continue to use petroleum based oils because they are afraid that the synthetic oil will cause their car to leak oil. One of the pioneers in perfecting the synthetic oil and creating the most complete and efficient synthetic oil for car engines was Amsoil oil.

Modern Cars Have No Problems With Synthetic Oil

There are no problems with modern cars and the synthetic oils manufactured now a days. However, there might still be a few older cars that have always used petroleum based oil for the engine. If these cars are  16 years or older and have always used petroleum oil then it may happen that when they switch to synthetic oil they could possibly see some oil leakage. This is not because of a problem in synthetic oil, but because of an unexposed problem in the seals. Sometimes big sludge build up can cover up any small crack in the seals and because synthetic oil clean up that sludge and remove it, then those cracks that had previously existed will be exposed, and will begin to show leakage.

Cars That Are 15 Years or Older

If you acquired or already have a car that is 15 years or older and has always used petroleum based motor oil then we recommend you make the switch synthetic oil gradually. Check for oil leaks and if you do see them, then have the seals revised and replaced, these will likely be the culprits. 

Synthetic Oil in Charleston, SC

Choose only the best synthetic oil in Charleston, SC and America, for your engine. Amsoil oil is the most efficient and high quality oil for your vehicle. To purchase the Amsoil oil in Charleston, SC  and any other Amsoil products contact Maints Tech Sales and Service today at (843) 224-1454.

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