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The Big Difference Between Transmission Fluid and Motor Oil

In a previous post we discussed what transmission oil does and the different types there are.  However, there is still more to be said and talked about when it comes to transmission fluid. You see, both motor oil and transmission oil carry important and similar functions but the role they carry out is in two very different areas. Today we want to explain some of the differences and explain why the big contrast in how often you need to change one vs. the other.

Motor Oil Lubricates, Cools, and Cleans

Motor oil has several functions. Its main function is, of course, lubrication and friction protection. Yet it also has two minor functions which are: cooling and cleaning. It  carries out all these functions simultaneously as it seeps through the engine bearings and other internal components and travels back to repeat a continuous protective cycle. When it lubricates it also cleans, and helps remove all the oxidation, sludge, and dirt that ends up making its way inside and accumulating. The engine is pretty much exposed to all the impurities that make its way inside. From dirt to debris and other contaminants, all sorts of pollutants can eventually find its way into the engine´s pistons, crankcase, and other components.

The Transmission Fluid Lubricates and Cools but Doesn´T Have as Much Cleaning Work to Do

Since the transmission system is pretty much sealed off to external components and environmental contaminants  it doesn´t necessarily need as much cleaning and protection. That means the transmission fluid can focus on lubricating and occasionally helping to cool down. While the engine can create a tremendous amount of heat that also affects the motor oil and can put the components in danger, the transmission system doesn´t produce nearly as much heat. That also reduces decay or deterioration of the transmission fluid and enables it last a lot longer and to continue protecting the different transmission components without a problem for prolonged periods.

Synthetic Oil is the Longest Lasting Type of Motor Oil

Due to the conditions inside the engine and all the factors that motor oil faces, it cannot last as long and must be regularly replaced. Conventional motor oil needs to be changed around every 3,000 miles. When using a synthetic oil that time frame can be prolonged to about 5,000 miles before it needs to be replaced. Some higher quality synthetic oils that are formulated for longer lasting durability can last up to 25,000 miles without having to be changed. AMSOIL carries a 25,000-mile synthetic oil that protects the engine for longer without needing to be replaced as often. Contact Maints Tech Sales and Service today at (843) 224-1454 and ask about AMSOIL's Signature Series long duration synthetic oil.

Transmission Fluid Lasts Much Longer Than Any Motor Oil

Transmission fluid, on the other hand, lasts much longer than any motor oil because of the environment it works in. It does not face external impurities, doesn´t have to deal with the intensified degrees of heat and has a constant workload that mostly requires just lubrication. There are of course different types of quality grades of motor oils and some have better additives and friction modifiers than others but overall, transmission fluid tends to last about 100,000 miles before it needs to be changed. Nowadays, there are even some newer car models that come with a lifetime transmission fluid that is supposed to last as long as the transmission system itself.  For more details on when to change the transmission fluid in your vehicle visit this post, here.

Why You Should Still Regularly Check the Transmission Fluid

Even though transmission fluids last a very long time, you should still check it from time to time. Sometimes a small leak or other problems can dangerously reduce the level of transmission oil or lead to the fluid being contaminated. That is why you should still stay alert of any difficulties or inconsistencies when changing gears. It doesn´t need to be checked as regularly as the motor oil, which should be checked around every two or three weeks but it still should be looked at every now and then. It is probably best to check the transmission fluid monthly or every 6 weeks to make sure its levels are sufficient.

Transmission Fluid Replacement and Synthetic Oil Changes in North Charleston

Now that you now some of the biggest differences between the motor oil and transmission fluid in your vehicle you can see why it motor oil and engine lubrication demands more attention. All components are important and necessary but maintaining your vehicle running well requires that you get regular synthetic oil changes and ensure that the transmission oil stays in good shape. Call Maints Tech Sales and Service at (843) 224-1454 today, to get a hold of the best AMSOIL products for your vehicle at the most affordable prices.  

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