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How to Keep Your Dirt Bike in Good Condition by Keeping It Clean

Keeping your dirt bike clean inside and out is more important than you may realize. Just because the title says ¨dirt¨ doesn´t mean it always has to look dirty.  Sure you should enjoy riding in the mud and going through some rough trails, but at the end of the day your bike should be kept clean and stored well rinsed. Since the importance of keeping your dirt bike laundered is many times overlooked, we want to focus a little more on this, and share some advice to maintain your bike clean in every aspect.

Top 6 Tips to Keep Your Dirt Bike Clean and Well Maintained

  • Wash your bike.  If excess mud, dirt, or contaminants, get inside the functioning parts that are vital, it could eventually cause serious problems. The simplest way to avoid this is to rinse your bike after every ride. To do this, carefully rinse your bike with buckets of water and some brushes to help eliminate the mud. Avoid using a pressure washer as this can actually force water and dirt into the electrical components and lead to damage and malfunctions. If you really must use this then do your best to deflect the water away from the bike.
  • Keep it clean on the inside. Washing your bike and rinsing dirt from the exterior is not the only way to keep your bike clean internally. You must also choose products that promote less build up and that help keeps the engine clean. That means that all the fluids should be checked and kept in good state and not allowed to decay. When water, fuel, and other fluids get into unwanted places they can start to create sludge and clog up areas of your bike. Sludge problems that are detected early require a quick clean up but if they are allowed to continue they can cause severe malfunction or damage due to excessive blockage.
  • Use quality lubricants. Lubrication in your dirt bike is just as important if not more, than that in all your other vehicles. Quality lubricants help avoid sludge and buildup. You can´t just expect to use the cheapest motor oil around and have your dirt bike perform well. Use the right type of two-stroke or four-stroke oil depending on your dirt bike type and make sure you use a trusted brand. AMSOIL synthetic oil is the most reliable type of motor oil for your dirt bike. It outperforms many lubricants on the market and will give the dirt bike engine the advantage it needs. Contact Maints Tech Sales and Service today and start making the most of your dirt bike.
  • Learn to change the oil. In order to keep the oil clean and functioning it needs to be replaced as needed. Dirt bikes need to have the oil changed often and for most models, that means around every 10 hours of use. That is why it is a task that should become second nature to riders. Changing the oil on a dirt bike is actually a lot simpler than doing so in a car so it shouldn´t take you long to figure out and if you use your bike regularly you will quickly get the hang of it with practice. For information on dirt bike oil changes and their importance, check out the recommendations made on website and read their article on how to change the oil, here.
  • Check for leaks. If you suspect that any fluid is running out sooner than it should then you need to be more alert. This doesn´t just make a mess on the ground it can also internally mess up the system of your dirt bike. Deal with any suspected leaks right away as taking care of a leak problem can save your bike from disaster and prevent an accident.
  • Clean the chain. Take care of the chain by making sure you keep it clean. Sometimes mud will get stuck in the chain and it may be hard to get rid of all of it right away. In this case, you can let the mud dry for a few hours. Once it has dried it can be easier to remove it with a nylon brush. Then finish off by coating it with a chain lube.

Everything You Need to Care for Your Dirt Bike Care and Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Mount Pleasant

At Maints Tech Sales and Service you can get a high-quality chain lube and every other product you need to keep your dirt bike well maintained and clean. Visit the AMSOIL online store or contact them directly by calling (843) 224-1454 today.

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