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How Checking Your Oil and Synthetic Oil Changes Can Protect Your Engine

There are many problems that can be avoided by checking your oil and changing it when necessary, and most can be prevented when using synthetic oil. That is why today we want to talk about what to look for when checking the oil and how synthetic oil changes can best protect your engine.

What to Look for When Checking the Oil

In general, lubrication allows the engine parts to function efficiently and not grind and harm each other as they move. Lubrication also means the engine is more efficient and does not struggle with the resistance that friction can create. Without a proper motor oil that offers full lubrication the engine would have to work harder and would wear out more easily and much more quickly. You can learn more about friction and how it affects your engine here. Since the ability to properly lubricate is not the same in all motor oils, the best way to keep your engine well protected and lubricated is to use an effective full synthetic oil such as AMSOIL synthetic oil. Contact us here, to start using the right products for the maintenance of your engine, or visit our AMSOIL online store to buy quality full synthetic oil for your vehicle.

It is Important to Check the Oil Often

Not having enough oil in your engine can also be dangerous. If the amount of oil is not sufficient it will cause the engine to not work as effectively and reduce its performance, wearing out the engine parts. Because it will have to work harder it will be prone to break down more easily. This is one of the reasons that checking the oil is so important, as it can also make you aware of other problems your engine may be facing. It is not normal for an engine to require more oil to be added very often. It may be likely that it is losing oil through a leak or it may have another problem that needs attention.

Reasons Your Car May Be Consuming Too Much Oil

When leaving your car parked for a while, check under it to see if it is dripping oil. If this is the case, have it checked. If you still do not see signs of a leak but continue to experience constant problems with your engine consuming the oil very quickly, the type of oil that you are using is probably not the best. If you use conventional motor oil, be aware that this type of oil evaporates much more quickly, especially under harsh driving conditions. Make the change to synthetic oil and check to make sure that you are using the correct SAE grade for your vehicle. Keep in mind that driving habits also cause a serious impact in how quickly the fluids of your vehicle are consumed. However, if you continue to notice that the oil reduces quickly in a short period of time, take it to a professional and have it diagnosed, as it may mean that there is a more serious internal problem.

How to Know When Your Oil Needs to Be Changed

When you pull out the dipstick and are checking for the level of oil, also take note of the color and clarity of the oil. It is normal for the oil to be a darkish color, but a dark black color that is not very translucent may mean it requires an oil change as soon as possible. Place your fingers in the dipstick and pick up a bit of oil and rub it between your fingers, if the oil feels filthy and leaves a trace of dirt or smudge, it is quite dirty and needs to be changed. The oil not only lubricates but also helps keep the engine free of debris and other foreign particles that may be dangerous.

Synthetic Oil Offers More Advantages to Protect Your Engine

Synthetic oil has the ability to pick up traces of dirt, water, and other small junk that makes its way inside the engine. As the oil travels through the lubrication system, the oil filter removes all those impurities. However, when the oil has been used for quite a while without being changed both the oil and the oil filter no longer have the capacity to keep storing and removing so much sludge and need to be replaced. Replacing both the oil filter as well as the oil will provide better overall results and keep the engine free of sludge and other problems much longer.

The Best Products For a Synthetic Oil Change Near Me in Mount Pleasant

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