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In our previous post we discussed why sometimes engine flushes sound like a positive thing for your car. We also talked about what exactly is done during those procedures. Today at  Maints Tech Sales and Service we will discuss what makes engine flushes so dangerous for your car.

When Oil Changes Are Overlooked

Engine Flushes are designed to help very hopeless vehicles that have been overlooked for long periods. For example when a vehicle has not had an oil change for an extremely long time and the engine is causing resenting this. Engines that suffered from residue build up and severe sludge troubles, may already be experiencing all sorts of other troubles. In those cases engine flushes may turn out to be a good option, but only when diagnosed by a professional that has thoroughly inspected the vehicle and confirmed the problem.

What Makes Engine Flushes Harmful?

Harm to the engine is caused by an engine flush when  your engine is healthy or does not have a strong residue problem nor heavy sludge build up.  In these cases, the strong chemical that is poured during an engine flush, will have nothing to dissolve, and can eat off and deteriorate the engine itself, or parts of the engine that are essential to its performance. Most cars will never need this, because it would require extensive amounts of negligence and terrible car care, for your engine to reach a state so bad that it would actually require an engine flush. The best way to keep your engine clean and fresh is by keeping most routine maintenance up to date.

Using Synthetic Oil Will Avoid Needing an Engine Flush

By doing all oil the oil changes in a timely manner and utilizing a good quality synthetic oil. You can be sure that your engine is in a healthy state and far from the need for an engine flush. Using synthetic oil is one of the best precautions you can take against all sorts of damage that your engine can possible suffer. It protects your engine from sludge build up and foreign agents that may make its way inside it. It also creates a barrier against friction dangers and it provides the best coverage in all sorts of temperatures.

Synthetic Oil Change in Charleston, SC

There is no better motor oil when it comes to over all protection, and enhanced benefits than Amsoil. Amsoil is the best quality and most efficient synthetic oil available. As experienced professionals we highly advise you to always use only the best in all your oil changes, this not only helps your car perform better, but can also save your a lot of money in the long run. To purchase Amsoil oil in Charleston SC call us now at  (843) 224-1454. You can also contact us with any questions or shop online, we are more than happy to help.

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