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What You Need to Know Before Going in for an Oil Change

Did you know that accepting some unnecessary procedures for your car can actually damage and completely wreck it? It is true. There are some procedures such as engine flushes that are offered when you get an oil change but when not needed can destruct your engine. These procedures are specifically designed for certain problems and may offer benefits in certain cases but it is important to understand that they should not be done as part of your routine maintenance. At Maints Tech Sales and Service we want to provide you with accurate information to help you make the right decisions in all your vehicle´s maintenance needs.

Engine Flushes May Sound Good but That Is Not Always the Case

Even if some oil change shops sell it as part of their routine, it is not something that should be accepted lightly. It is important to be informed and aware of the dangers that these procedures present when not needed.  An engine flush is pretty much what it sounds like a flush, or cleanse for your engine. Yes, that may sound nice, who doesn´t like clean and fresh? A fresh start always seems like a good idea right? Let´s just say, that is not always the case. Purging your engine clean may seem like a good thing and it is, but it is rarely necessary.

What Exactly Is Done During an Engine Flush?

Engine flushes are typically done along with oil changes because it needs to be done after all the oil is taken out. After the oil is drained a strong chemical is poured in, this is done to remove old and stubborn deposits that may be found stuck in different places of the engine, such as hard to reach spots. The deposits are dissolved and removed and the engine is rinsed with some sort of fluid or even with a small amount of oil, just to rinse out anything left. All that sound pretty harmless, but it is not, it can actually cause devastating damages to the engine. In our next post we will review what makes engine flushes so harmful to your vehicle.(ADD LINK)

Incredible Benefits When Using Amsoil Oil

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