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The main difference between the lubricating fluids that your vehicle requires and the grease applications you might need. Introduction to the three main types of greases available in today's market: AP, MP, and EP grease.

Grease and Lubricants That Your Vehicle Requires

There are many moving parts in your vehicle. All of these parts face the dangers of friction and wear. Yet, not all of these parts or areas are exposed to the same level of friction and therefore their lubrication requirements vary. That is why it is important to know the difference between the lubrication fluids and the grease products that your vehicle requires.

The Difference Between Fluid Lubricants and Friction Protection Grease

There are several fluids that your car requires such as motor oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, etc. Those fluids tend to protect the internal areas of the different components, and as the name itself states it, they are more liquid-like and flow faster because of their consistency.  Grease is a more thick and solid-like lubricant that tends to protect more external areas of your vehicle. Grease´s thicker viscosity makes it ideal for surfaces where it is necessary that the lubricant stays put. Due to its semi-solid consistency, it is easier for it to remain on the surface and to offer a more durable external protection. However, its initial viscosity can change with applied shear and it can become a thinner substance. This viscosity change known as shear-thinning is necessary for certain applications where a much higher viscosity lubricant is needed to act against the intensified levels of heat and friction.

There Are Several Types of Grease and Each Is Created for Different Applications and to Meet a Variety of Needs

There are several types of grease, and they each go by different names and classifications. The three main types of classifications are AP grease, MP grease, and EP grease. Each of these describes a type of grease but there are also many other names and applications. For example, the term car grease is very common and it can refer to different types of greases in general.

The 3 Common Types of Automobile Grease and Their Differences

  • AP grease. AP stands for all purpose. It is a type of grease that can be used for all kinds of vehicle applications. It is well known for its corrosion and rust protection. The resistant thermal degradation it provides allows it to be an optimal option for all kinds of grease-lubricated vehicle parts. This type of grease tends to be lithium based and water resistant.
  • MP grease. MP grease means Multi Purpose grease and it is generally for automotive, and light vehicle applications. It provides the right coating from elements and water and allows the parts to be well protected. AMSOIL carries some of the best synthetic greases for all types of applications. In fact, their synthetic multi-purpose grease is the best choice for all kinds of temperatures, environments and vehicle systems. It can be used in electric motors, roller bearings, gears, wheel bearings, universal joints, and many other areas, learn more about AMSOIL synthetic multi-purpose grease, here. If you are looking for any type of grease for your vehicle or machine, contact Maints Tech Sales and Service now.
  • EP grease. Extreme Pressure grease is the kind of grease that is most stable and durable. It is much more resistant than AP and MP grease. It can be used under incredible loads and very intense pressure. EP grease provides a much more reliable protection because of its more solid consistency that adheres to the surface and creates an additional coat of coverage against metal to metal contact.

The Difference Between Engine Oil and Engine Grease

Engine grease is also a common term and it is very important to understand that there is a big difference between engine grease and engine oil. Engine grease is not the same as engine oil and should not be interchanged. Although both have similar functions they have different applications. Engine oil lubricates the internal parts, protects against wear and horesepower loss among several other functions that it carries out. On the other hand, engine grease is used more superficially although also for lubrication and protection purposes. The thick viscosity of it and its lack of flow, makes it an ideal sealant and perfect for infrequent lubrication, but would immediately clog any internal area where the liquid lubricant needs to circulate.

Grease and the Best Lubricants for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Charleston County

AMSOIL has a wide variety of synthetic lubricants. They carry all the best in motor oil for the most reliable synthetic oil change and they also have exceptional grease products for every application. From their synthetic water-resistant grease to racing grease and even synthetic food grade grease, they have what you need. Contact Maints Tech Sales and Service today at (843) 224-1454 and get your hands on the right type of grease.

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