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Differences Between Motor Oil Types and Why a Synthetic Oil Change in Charleston County is the Best Option

There are many motor oils out there but they all fall under one of three categories; conventional, synthetic blend, and full synthetic oil. These categories catalog the structure and level of benefits provided by each. Knowing why they are different and how the structure of each different type of motor oil reacts inside the engine can help you make a better choice when deciding what type of oil to put in your engine.

Motor Oil Molecules Vary Depending on the Type of Motor Oil

The composition of each different type of motor oil varies, and although there may be some common ingredients used in all three types of motor oil, the essence of its difference lays in the molecular structure.As most of us know, conventional motor oil is made mostly from crude petroleum, it then goes through a filtering process that adapts the different mix of materials for use as a lubricant. However, the molecule structure of conventional oil carries certain characteristics that differentiate some molecules from the others. This causes it to have a more irregular make-up and reduces the quality of the benefits it can provide for your engine.

Synthetic Blend and Full Synthetic Oils Also Differ in Molecular Structure

Synthetic blend lubricants have a percentage of synthetic oil mixed in with regular petroleum-based motor oil. This does increase the regularity of the molecules and the base ingredients improve a little, resulting in better benefits than those that conventional motor oil offers. Yet, it still does not provide as many benefits as full synthetic oil can. Full synthetic oil has a much more extensive process and its chemical structure is more intricate as it creates identical molecules that interact much more effectively and making it a smoother and better lubricant. Since the synthetic oil molecules are all the same size and uniformly work together they are able to enhance the performance of the engine while equipping it with higher protection and more benefits.

Choosing Quality Full Synthetic Oil For True Protection

Now, not all full synthetic oils are the same. Their benefits and performance can vary depending on the quality of the additives and other materials they are created with. It is always crucial that you look at the quality of the oil you are buying and realize that when it comes to synthetic oil, the benefit lays in the investment you are making. There are lower cost synthetic oils that are actually synthetic blend motor oil and are greatly reduced in price because of the cheaper additives that are utilized. These additives can burn out and leave the oil in bad conditions. The best way to ensure that your money is well spent on a leading full synthetic oil is to buy quality synthetic oil such as Amsoil. Amsoil full synthetic oil has an enhanced formula that utilizes the best materials and a highly efficient chemical structure that renders amazing results in your engine. Visit our Amsoil online store to select the right full synthetic oil for your vehicle, or contact  Maints Tech Sales and Service, for assistance and more information regarding our products.

Full Synthetic Oil is the Best Investment for Your Engine

One of the most common reasons that conventional oil is sometimes chosen over synthetic oil is the price tag. At a first glance, conventional oil may seem like more of a bargain, but when you take into consideration the entire picture you will soon realize that conventional motor oil can become much more expensive in the long run. There are two main reasons why conventional motor oil can be more expensive. One, its weaker molecular structure cause it to wears out faster, requiring constant oil changes. With a conventional motor oil, you would probably need to get around 3-4 oil changes a year while with synthetic oil changes this is reduced to one. This means that it can be more cost and time efficient to use synthetic oil from the start as you are saving in the long run. The second reason why conventional motor oil is more expensive is because of its lower friction protection and durability. Conventional motor oil may start to lose its protective properties quickly and it could cost you the life of your vehicle.

Quality Synthetic Oil Near Me for Better Synthetic Oil Changes in Charleston County

  Those that have used synthetic oil before know that it truly does make a difference in the productivity of the engine. Synthetic oil has proven its worth over the years, and today it is no doubt the best option for your vehicle. Experience the many benefits of a synthetic oil change today, and call Maints Tech Sales and Service now at (843) 224-1454.

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