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Having your vehicle break down isn't fun. So it doesn't happen to you, read this post by Maints Tech Sales and Services in Charleston, SC to learn the most common reasons for it and how to avoid them.

Common Car Failures and How You Can Avoid Them

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Issues With Its Electrical System

If you want your vehicle to turn on without a hassle, to use its lights to signalize and see better, to listen to the radio while you're driving, and to perform many other key jobs while you're driving down the road, you need an electrical system that works to perfection. However, after time, use, and other circumstances, certain issues can begin to arise with your vehicle's electrical system. For example, a fuse may burn down, one of its wires may produce a short circuit, or its battery may die. While these are less-than-ideal situations (especially if you don't like being stranded on the side of the road), they happen with some frequency, which is why it's imperative that you maintain your vehicle's electrical system to the best of your abilities. To do that, be sure to keep your eyes open for signs that it's failing (e.g. flickering lights), and to take it to a professional mechanic on a regular basis for routine inspections. It's also recommended that you change out your battery every 3 to 5 years (that's its average lifespan), and that you verify that its clamps are properly adjusted and that there isn't any corrosion on it. Likewise, avoid doing things that could damage your battery or decrease its charge (like letting the lights on all day and night).

The Engine is Too Hot

While the battery is incredibly important for your vehicle's proper functioning, it is the engine who is the real M.V.P. After all, it is the one responsible for taking you to your destination. As you can imagine, this is a very tiring job that requires a lot of effort, especially since its moving parts rub against each other and create a lot of friction and heat. The amount of heat that is generated in this exchange could cause your vehicle to shut down. However, there is a cooling system that helps regulate the vehicle's temperature and keep such an annoying situation from taking place. Moreover, the synthetic oil you use for your engine helps smooth out its processes, which also brings the temperature down. The problem occurs when people neglect these lubricants' condition: they need to be at the right levels and replaced every so often to avoid an overheated engine that could shut your vehicle down. If your vehicle already overheated, however, you should do the following: First, find a space where you can park and open the hood. Next up, wait for 30 minutes for the engine to cool down. Then, pour water or coolant (you should keep some in your vehicle) to refill the reservoir. Finally, you can drive off having learned a very valuable lesson in your vehicle's upkeep.

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Flat Tires

Lastly, another common reason for vehicle breakdowns is flat tires. This is unsurprising when you think about how much stress the tires go through: they need to resist the friction with the road, go over sharp objects and uneven terrains, resist through harsh temperatures, put up the weight of the car and all of its contents, and much more. For all of these reasons, you need to pay special attention to your tires and their condition. For starters, you need to regularly check that they're not too worn down. If you notice they are, replace them as soon as possible. You should also note if they have the right air pressure. Keep in mind that your tires also have an expiration date, so don't forget to change them up if that date is coming up. Likewise, they need to be rotated with some regularity, to keep them from wearing down unevenly. Finally, don't neglect to check on your spare tire, as you never know when you could need it.

Call Maints Tech Sales and Service at (843) 224-1454 or visit AMSOIL's online store to find the best synthetic oil in Charleston, SC.


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