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How Synthetic Oil Can Benefit Your Engine and the Environment

Earth day is usually celebrated in April, and it is a time to reflect on our actions and decisions and how they affect the environment. Taking time, to reflect on our actions and how we can improve them to avoid polluting and prevent increasing the environmental damage that we have caused over the years is important. Our vehicles are a necessary part of our lives but we can still take more ecological actions when it comes to their care and maintenance. Which is why at Maints Tech Sales and Service, we want to share some synthetic oil change information that can help you make a better more earth friendly choice when it comes to your vehicle and engine care.

Smarter More Environmentally Friendly Choices With Synthetic Oil

You need your car, and your car needs a good working engine and the engine needs motor oil. Therefore, you really have no choice but to make sure your engine that your engine has sufficient oil if you want your car to work properly. However, you do have a choice when it comes to what type of motor oil you use. The type of motor oil you use not only affects your engine but it also has an impact on the environment. We previously mentioned in another post, how different types of motor oils offer different levels of protection for your engine, but that is not all. Different types of motor oils are derived from different places and this can affect our planet. The best type of motor oil for your engine and the planet is synthetic oil. Amsoil full synthetic oil protects the engine and enhances its performance instantly. Contact us today to see for yourself the benefits of Amsoil synthetic oil.

Synthetic Oil Improves Your Engine While Reducing Environmental Harm

All Engines benefit from synthetic oil because of its stable man-made formula. Unlike conventional oil that uses up scarce resources and requires higher amounts of crude oil drilled from petroleum sites. Due to the less natural and more chemical structure of the synthetic oil, it is able to provide a stronger more effective form of lubrication, that is not easily altered by the temperatures, conditions or other factors. Learn more about how synthetic oil protects the engine against friction and other harmful factors, here.

Added Benefits of Synthetic Oil

The complete functions that synthetic oil provides not only make it ideal for your vehicle but also a better choice for the environment. Its outstanding formula reduces the volatility and creates less residue. Conventional oil has a higher percent of evaporation which can end up polluting the air. Synthetic oil also assists in the efficiency of fuel use, by decreasing friction and improving the engine´s horsepower it is able to make it much more efficient in utilizing fuel. Less consumption of gasoline is good for the environment and our bank accounts.

Reduce Environmental Waste With Less Synthetic Oil Changes

The natural components of the conventional oil are not able to stand as much of the pressure and other conditions that synthetic oil normally can. This results in a faster breakdown, due to the conventional oil being very unstable, and in turn, an engine that uses conventional oil will end up requiring more oil changes in a shorter period of time.The average car is driven around 18,000 miles a year At regular driving conditions, a car using conventional oil would require around 4 oil changes  a year. With so many cars on the planet, that is a huge amount of oil being used and thrown away. However, using synthetic oil this would be incredibly reduced to about 1 synthetic oil change a year and in some cases even less. Amsoil Signature Series Synthetic Oil can actually go up to 25,000 miles before requiring a change, resulting in one oil change about every year and a half.  Reducing the amount of oil used is not only healthy for the environment but also for your economy.

Reduce Waste and Oil Change Frequency With Synthetic Oil Changes in North Charleston

Do not wait to start providing better benefits for your engine, your wallet and our planet. Start reducing the amount of waste generated by disposed oil with longer lasting synthetic oil. Next time your engine oil needs to be replaced, get a synthetic oil change and use only Amsoil full synthetic oil. At Maints Tech Sales and Service we carry only high-quality products for your engine and care maintenance needs. Call us directly at (843) 224-1454 and place your order today.  

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