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August is here and the heat is still near, that means your vehicle needs to stay protected against the sun and summer factors. The following advice will help you to better care for your vehicle this season.

Protect Your Vehicle with the Right Oil and Grease

The heat can affect your vehicle in many ways but you can make sure it stays protected by taking the right precautions and making sure that you care for it accordingly. Since the sun can speed up corrosion and deterioration it is important that you prepare for this and think ahead. Start protecting your vehicle and learn to help your car last longer with the following advice.

Lubrication for the Different Needs of Your Vehicle

Protecting the parts of your vehicle that are most exposed to corrosion and friction isn´t that hard but it is a task you need to pay close attention to. To do this you must use the right lubricant for the job. Different parts of your vehicle require different types of lubrication. You see, the right lubricant doesn´t just protect against friction, it also prevents rust, reduces heat, and improves the performance and movement of different areas.

The Type of Motor Oil You Use Makes a Difference

The engine is a very vital part of your vehicle and one that is always in need of constant protection. Make sure that your engine always has quality synthetic oil and that the oil levels are always up in order to prevent damage and other engine problems. Opt for using synthetic oil at all times in order to provide your engine and your car with the ultimate protection, especially against the heat and more damaging factors that your vehicle faces these warm and humid months. AMSOIL offers quality synthetic lubricants that are truly reliable. Check out their online store or contact Maints Tech Sales and Service directly at (843) 224-1454.

Why Grease?

Grease is the type of lubricant that is necessary when there is a section or part of your vehicle that doesn´t have its own lubing system but that could still use the assistance and coverage that the right lubricant can provide. Grease is much thicker than oil but can carry out a similar action when placed on an area or section that requires lubrication. Thanks to its thick and gunky viscosity it doesn´t drip and can stay put long enough for the area to be protected.

Grease That Your Vehicle Needs

There are different types of grease and lubricants available depending on what parts of your vehicle you're trying to protect. They are labeled by the thickness (consistency) and type. The thicker it is the longer it can stay put and withstand really harsh heat. However, not all grease is made equal. Grease is manufactured with different factors in mind: consistency, purpose, and quality. To learn more about grease and to find out which one your vehicle needs, click on this link and checkout the article frm the PopularMechanics website.

The 3 Factors that Distinguish the Different Types of Grease

  • Thickness. Consistency is usually measured out by number 000 being in a fluid state, 00 being semi-fluid, 0 being very soft, 1 being soft, 2 being your ¨typical¨ type of grease, 3 being firm, 4 being very firm, 5 being hard, and 6 very hard. Most common types of grease are a 1-3 however there are certain applications and circumstances where lower or higher types of NLGI consistency numbers are required. Usually thicker, more consistent types of grease are used for incredibly extreme heated areas or when there is a leakage concern.
  • Purpose. There are different grease types each created with different purposes in mind. There is racing grease, used mostly for racing applications, there is polymeric off-road grease, multi-purpose grease, water-resistance grease, and even synthetic food grade grease. 
  • Quality. Finally, the type of quality you use will also make all the difference. Just like with synthetic oil, synthetic grease carries a higher level molecular composition that provides elevated protection and higher performance. All of which translates into more durable and reliable lubrication.

Grease and Synthetic Oil in Charleston, SC

Greasing the different parts of your vehicle and providing the right lubrication for your engine will without a doubt help protect them in this heat and wheather. At Maints Tech Sales and Service you will find an assortment of synthetic oils and synthetic grease each to meet the different specifications of your vehicle parts. Contact Maints Tech Sales and Servicetoday at (843) 224-1454 and obtain the best AMSOIL products to ensure that the heat doesn´t get the best of your vehicle.

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