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The summer is here and the temperatures are rising. That means motorcycle riders need to take extra precautions when heading out. Follow this advice to stay cool and safe when riding.

Tips to Stay Safe When Riding Your Motorcycle This Summer

During the summer, the heat and weather change road conditions and demand that you take better care of your vehicles. Motorcycle owners not only need to stay on top of this but also make changes in their riding attire and habits to improve their safety.

Prepare Your Motorcycle for Summer Riding

The first thing you need to do is to verify that your motorcycle is well prepared for riding in the heat.You want to make sure that you change the fluids and that they remain at the right level. The heat can quickly make the internal temperature rise and cause evaporation leading to low fluid levels. This goes for all the fluids including but not limited to: the brake fluid, the motor oil, transmission fluid, gasoline, and coolant.

Synthetic Oil Protection for Your Motorcycle Engine

The best way to protect your motorcycle motor is by using synthetic motorcycle oil. There is a big difference between conventional oil and synthetic oil, especially in the summer heat. While conventional oil can deteriorate more easily under the heat and summer conditions, synthetic oil lasts longer and protects better.  Amsoil Synthetic Motorcycle Oil is resistant to the extreme weather and provides immediate full engine protection. It not only covers your engine from friction but also helps regulate the engine temperature by absorbing heat. It can efficiently do this thanks to its strong molecular composition and efficient friction coverage. Contact Maints Tech Sales and Service at (843) 224-1454 today to select the best AMSOIL products for your motorcycle´s protection this summer.

Additional Summer Riding Tips

  • Watch what you wear. It is important that you also take care of yourself when you are out riding. The number one thing you cannot ignore this summer is the heat and the blazing sun. Make sure you wear the right clothing for when riding. This may sound unusual but during the summer you need to cover up more if you are heading out on your motorcycle. The sun can contribute to harsh sunburns and rashes and it may cause painful skin problems, in the long run, so you need to make sure that you not only wear sunblock and cover up. Of course, a jacket is not the solution but thinner breathable fabrics that protect your skin from direct contact with the sun are. Wear layers if necessary so you can remove the excess clothing once you reach your destination.
  • A summer helmet. Dark helmets are very common but during the summer these are a bad option. Black absorbs heat and can cause you to experience higher heat conditions. Try to get a white helmet for the summer. White deflects the heat. You also want to make sure that the helmet you wear has good ventilation and is the proper fit.
  • Staying hydrated. When riding out in the summer your body heat increases and it is a lot easier to get dehydrated. Carry a cold water bottle so you can easily stop and have a drink in the middle of a heated day. Avoid drinking too much caffeine if you know you will need to be riding out. This can also increase your chances of dehydration. Also, we shouldn´t have to say this, but alcohol is always a bad idea if you will be riding your bike or any vehicle. Never drink alcohol and drive or ride but in the summer we need to make an extra mention of this. The negative effects of alcohol accelerate dehydration.
  • Avoid riding during hotter hours. Stay alerted and avoid riding during peak hours of the day when the heat is even higher and the sun is hitting harder. Take note of what hours you want to avoid riding out and try to get what you need to get done before or after that time so that you not only avoid the heat but also prevent harsh sun rays from hitting you.
  • Always check your bike before heading out. Taking care of your motorcycle can prevent malfunction and help prevent an accident. Remember that the heat can diminish your efforts of keeping fluids correctly leveled and decrease the efficiency of some products. Check all fluids before heading out and carry a bottle of AMSOIL´s Chain Fluid in case you need to lubricate the chain.
  • Traveling. If you plan on using the summer to travel on your motorcycle or take a road trip in it, then be sure to plan ahead. Check out the motorcycle road trip advice in the Olympia Gloves blog for more information.

Motorcycle Maintenance Products for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Charleston SC

For the highest quality products and most effective protection for your motorcycle contact Maints Tech Sales and Service today at (843) 224-1454 and get a hold of the AMSOIL products you need.

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