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We previously talked about the dangers of friction and the substantial damage that friction can lead to. However, there is more to friction than just the wear and tear it can create.  Friction also directly affects the fuel economy of your vehicle. At Maints Tech Sales and Service, we want to explain how synthetic oil changes allow your engine to become more fuel-efficient.

Better Engine Lubrication Results in Less Fuel Consumption

The importance of engine lubrication is quite obvious. Engines need to be well lubricated in order to stay protected against the harms of friction. Friction wears out the parts and pieces of the engine but it also creates two other side effects; heat and resistance. An effective high-quality motor oil will not only lubricate the engine, it will also assist with heat absorption and eliminate resistance. The superior structure of full synthetic oil allows it to be very efficient in many areas including heat absorption, sludge removal, and resistance extermination.

Resistance Affects the Fuel Economy of Your Vehicle

Resistance is one of the main causes of higher fuel consumption. Every process that the engine carries out burns off fuel. This means that as the engine is working and the engine parts moving, the fuel is being used up. If the engine parts are facing resistance due to friction, then the engine needs to work harder to complete the job. The harder the engine works the more fuel it needs. Synthetic oil coats all the parts with a silky layer of outstanding lubrication that diminishes resistance and facilitates the job of the engine. The result is less fuel consumption and improved horsepower. Now, as we had mentioned before, not all engine oils are created equal. AMSOIL offers only the highest standard synthetic oil that provides  the most impressive benefits. From improved fuel efficiency to integrated protection. If you are looking for the best, then you need to choose AMSOIL . Go directly to our online store or contact us now to get the best synthetic oil for your vehicle.

Synthetic Oil Has a Faster Cold Flow Which Improves Fuel Economy

Full synthetic oil also assists in improving the fuel economy of your vehicle through its immediate cold flow. Regular motor oil will tend to have a slower flow at cold temperatures, this reduces the lubrication and exposes the engine to higher levels of friction. Due to the increased friction, the engine becomes less efficient and needs to burn off more fuel. This usually happens during cool mornings when the engine is first started, but it can also occur in other occasions when the engine is started and the oil is not warm enough to quickly flow. Synthetic oil is not easily altered by temperatures and remains ready to flow regardless of whether the engine is warm or not. Since synthetic oil is able to immediately flow when the engine is turned on, it does not allow the engine to suffer friction or resistance. The amount of gasoline that is saved thanks to the fast reaction of synthetic oil may not seem like a lot but it can surely add up.

2 Great Ways to Save Money With Synthetic Oil

  • Fuel savings. Using a synthetic oil can improve the fuel economy of a vehicle by about 3%. On average, most vehicles in the U.S. consume about 90 liters of gasoline in a month. A savings of 3% would be around 2.7 liters a month. This is equivalent to saving around 2 dollars a month, in a year it can start to accumulate, but as the years pass, what seemed insignificant can turn into substantial savings.
  • Synthetic Oil Changes. The fact that synthetic oil lasts much longer than conventional oil also contributes to your economy. Synthetic oil changes are not required as frequently as regular oil changes. Normally, the fewer oil changes you get, the more savings you will experience. However, conventional motor oil breaks down its lubrication properties faster and cannot last as long as synthetic oil without being replaced. If forced to do so, your engine will likely suffer damage, resulting in an even more costly payment. With AMSOIL synthetic oil, you don´t have to worry frequent changes due to your oil breaking down, its formula is created to endure more prolonged use.

Synthetic Oil Change in Charleston With the Best Savings Near Me

Good quality doesn´t have to come at an outrageous price. AMSOIL offers great quality products at affordable prices. Start saving with AMSOIL synthetic oil changes. Contact Maints Tech Sales and Service, today.  Be sure to ask how you can take advantage of even greater savings with our special offers.  

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