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Important Information on Synthetic Oil

Over the past few months we have discussed several aspects of synthetic oil and how synthetic oil changes can best protect your engine. Having more background information, and learning more on the subject, can help you make informed decisions when it comes to the maintenance needs of your vehicle. That is why today, at Maints Tech Sales and Service we want to focus on a different side of synthetic oil, and talk about the history of synthetic oil.

How it All Started With Motor Oil

John Ellis was an American doctor that conducted research on the curative properties of crude oil. After much investigation, he was upset that he wasn´t able to find much medical value in this type of oil. However, all his researched allowed him to come to a different conclusion. Crude oil could be very useful in a different field, machine lubrication. After his disappointment he began to focus on the development of a petroleum based oil to lubricate steam engines. He  left behind his medical field and in 1866 created an oil refining company. He mixed petroleum, vegetable and animal fat to create an oil that could be used to lubricate steam engines.

Cars Today Demand a Stronger More Effective Motor Synthetic Oil

Then cars became more popular and a larger demand for motor oil took place. Motor oil was used to lubricate the engines and help the car function correctly. However, these first cars required very precise , constant oil changes to keep the oil in good condition. Also, back then the cars did not travel very fast and where not used as often, so there was less requirement on the engine. Today, cars are faster, and are used as a vital part of our day to day, they require prolonged durability and stronger lubrication protection, that is why synthetic oil is such an essential component of your engine needs. For all the highest quality items for your engine visit our online store or contact us to find the right Amsoil product for your vehicle.

Development of Synthetic Oil

In the early 1900s both German and American scientist started to attempt further development of a synthetic and more chemical lubricant. As the war started, the petroleum was not abundantly found and the need for a laboratory-created lubricant that was not petroleum based, became greater. The war also caused a greater use of machines, transportation and aircraft, most of which required lubrication. All this soon impulsed the quicker creation of larger amounts of synthetic oil.

Synthetic Oil Initially Used in Jet Engines

Synthetic oil was, at last ready to use in larger amounts, and was first utilized in jet engines. Jet fighters, specially needed a more resistant motor oil, as they often encountered several problems with their aircraft. For one, during the cold mornings the jet engines could hardly start because the petroleum motor oil would clump and solidify. The other problem was that after constant and long flights the engine would reach intensely heated temperatures and the regular motor oil would not function as well at high degrees. Synthetic oil soon helped solved these problems and became a valuable component for jet engine use throughout the war.

Synthetic Oil Proves its Value Improving Jet Engine Performance

After using synthetic oil, the jet engines improved greatly and fewer problems came up. The engines could now easily start even in the chilly mornings, and they could also last longer in the air without worrying about having the motor oil deteriorate due to the heat the engine accumulated. Soon, another positive side effect of synthetic oil was noticed. Synthetic oil would facilitate the elimination of soil deposit inside the oil radiator, assisting in an easier maintenance.

Synthetic Oil is Then Commercially Distributed for Cars

Lieutenant Colonel Albert J. Amatuzio who had been a jet fighter squadron commander during the war, was truly impressed and intrigued by the performance of synthetic oil. He had lived first hand the benefits of this synthetic lubricant and was well aware that if it could improve the use of jet engines it would provide many advantages for vehicles such as cars. This led him to invest and research more on synthetic oil. Around the 1960s he started to commercially offer synthetic oil for cars. In 1972 AMSOIL became the one and only synthetic oil of that time, to meet all API service requirements.

Synthetic Oil Change Near Me in Charleston County

Then and now, nothing provides a greater advantage for your engine like Amsoil full synthetic oil. Get a synthetic oil change near you and make a wise choice, purchase Amsoil. Call us now at (843) 224-1454 to order the best, top quality synthetic oil for your vehicle.

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