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Avoid the Dangers of Friction With a Synthetic Oil Change

If something goes wrong with your engine, you can bet your car will stop working properly. Although we previously discussed how a synthetic oil change can protect your engine, today we would like to provide you with some more information. At  Maints Tech Sales and Service, we know how dangerous friction can be for your engine, which is why we want to further discuss the role that the lubrication system plays in preventing friction problems.

Friction Is Created by the Moving Engine Parts

The engine has several jobs but the most important and crucial job is to  get the car moving. It does this by using the gasoline to fuel the movements required to get the car running.The process of converting the gasoline into fuel and making the car driveable is quite exhausting for the engine, not to mention that it requires that several parts of the engine move repeatedly and slide up against each other. When the engine is working, these parts and pieces remain in action and the movement of the pieces sliding against each other creates friction. The friction created is quite harmful to the engine parts and very dangerous to the engine.

What Happens When There Is Friction Inside the Engine?

When there is friction between the moving parts of the engine, the rasping and scraping that happens can wear out the parts at a rapid rate, or if the abrasion becomes too intense it may even break the pieces immediately. Every single part of the engine has a valuable role in helping the engine function, and because of this, if an engine part becomes worn out, or breaks, the engine will stop functioning correctly, and chance are your car won't be going anywhere. Thankfully your vehicle counts on a mechanism called the lubrication system to help it fight against friction and prevent it from ruining your engine.

Full Friction Protection With Synthetic Oil

The motor oil you use is the fundamental component of the lubrication system. That is why using the right motor oil and protecting your engine with an efficient full synthetic oil such as Amsoil, makes all the difference. When it comes to engine protection, never leave your car unprotected against friction, get a synthetic oil change today. You can find the best full synthetic oil for your vehicle at our Amsoil online store.  For additional information or help in finding the right products for the maintenance of your engine, contact us this instant.

What the Lubrication System Does

The lubrication system is made up of the oil pump, the pick-up tube, the pressure relief valve, the oil filter, spurt holes and galleries, and the oil pan, also known as the sump. Together these parts work to make sure the engine never lacks lubrication while you are driving or when the engine is on. The roles that each of these parts plays is very important.

Parts of the Lubrication System and the Roles They Play

  • Oil pump. The oil pump sucks up the oil from the oil pan, and when in working order will suction out an abundant amount of oil, to make sure that lubrication quantity never falls short.
  • Pressure relief valve. This valve is there because of the excess oil that the oil pump usually absorbs. The pressure relief valve´s job is to prevent the oil pressure from becoming so abundant that it damages the engine.
  • Pick-up tube. Once the oil pump absorbs up the oil it goes into the pick-up tube, which is just that, a tube.
  • Oil filter. The oil then travels to reach the oil filter, where any particles of dirt, dust or other gunk that may have been absorbed by the oil is filtered out before it is allowed to lubricate the engine pieces.
  • Spurt holes and galleries. These holes and galleries help the oil spread out evenly throughout the engine parts that are in motion and need to be protected.
  • Oil sump/pan. Once the oil has done its job, this is where it returns to cool off and start the cycle again. The oil pan is also where it rests when the engine is not working.

The Best Synthetic Oil Change Near Me in Charleston

Under the hood of your car lay the most vital components of your vehicle, protect them with a synthetic oil change. With Amsoil full synthetic oil your engine will always be in good hands. Call (843) 224-1454 today and buy the best for your vehicle.

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