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The cold winter weather isn't favorable for motorcycle riding. If you won't be using your motorcycle much this season, read this post to learn how to winterize it properly. 

How to Winterize Your Motorcycle

When you ride your motorcycle, you're exposed to the elements, even if you wear the appropriate motorcycle gear. That's why many people opt for storing their motorcycle come wintertime, since the cold air can make riding a not-so pleasant experience. If you won't be using your motorcycle much during the colder months, follow the tips below so you can winterize it properly and keep it in mint condition for spring.

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Mind the Fuel

To winterize your motorcycle properly, you need to take care of the fuel. This is because, during that idle period, the fuel may go stale, which can wreak havoc on your motorcycle's components once you start using it again. To prevent this from happening, you can fill up the gas tank with new fuel before putting the motorcycle to rest. Additionally, you'll have to purchase a fuel stabilizer that can keep the fuel intact.

Don't Forget About the Battery

If you know anything about motorcycles (or vehicles in general), is that they need a battery in order to function correctly. As you can imagine, without a battery in good condition, many components in your motorcycle wouldn't have the power they need to work. Still, inactivity can cause the battery to fall into disrepair. To keep it functional after the winter months, you will need to take it out so it doesn't waste away. Make sure that you store it in a dry, clean spot where it can be safe. Cycle World recommends acquiring a motorcycle-specific trickle charger with a monitor, so you can charge the battery a few times while the motorcycle is in disuse.

Replace the Synthetic Oil and Oil Filter

Changing the oil in your motorcycle is one of the best things you can do to ensure it will continue working strong for a long time. This is because, when your motorcycle is running, the components in the engine move and brush up against each other. The oil provides a protective layer that prevents premature wear and that allows those processes to go on more smoothly. It's recommended that you replace the oil and filter before storing your motorcycle, so it's ready for your next ride come spring. However, when replacing the oil, be sure to warm it up before draining it (for a minute or two), so that it has a more liquid consistency, and can be drained more easily.

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Consider the Motorcycle's Fluids

Your motorcycle needs certain fluids in order to work as desired. But what happens to fluids when they're exposed to low temperatures? They can freeze over! To ensure your motorcycle won't be affected by this, you will need to check its anti-freeze before storing it away. If it's low or if it's not in mint condition, you will need to top it off or replace it.

Clean the Motorcycle Thoroughly

Since you won't be using your motorcycle for a few months, you may think that it's no problem if you store it dirty. However, you should know that the filth that accumulates on it can actually eat away at it while it's in storage, which may affect its looks and its performance. That's why you should clean the motorcycle thoroughly before putting it away. It's also a good idea to wax it to keep it in top shape.

Put It Away Properly

The final tip in this post is about how to store your motorcycle to ensure it will be ready to go once spring rolls around. To do so, you will need to take a few steps, like:
  • find the right place to keep it in, so it will be protected against the elements (e.g. in the garage)
  • cover it with tarp so moisture, dirt, and bugs don't get to it
  • block the exhaust pipes so mice, bugs, and other animals don't nest in it
  • use a stand to avoid flattened tires come springtime

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