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Engine oil, transmission fluid, car grease, so many types of lubricants in today's market can make it a little confusing to understand just why and what you need. Don't fear, though, the following information will make it all a little more clear.

Lubrication for All Needs and Areas of Your Vehicle

Lubrication is vital to all vehicles, and it is necessary for different areas, not just the engine. All moving parts of your car, motorcycle, dirt bike or machine, require some sort of protection against friction. However, not all of them need the same level of coverage or type of lubrication. To help you better understand the variety of friction protection and coverage that each part of your vehicle requires we have created a quick comprehensive guide.

Engine Lubrication

The most common and necessary type of engine lubrication is motor oil. This is essential for your engine to work because of all the functions that the engine completes. Since most of the engine pieces are in constant movement, this creates friction and it is easy for the parts and pieces to wear out and breakdown. That is why engine oil needs to always be circulating and lubricating when the engine is working. Synthetic oil provides the perfect coating of coverage for your engine´s moving pieces. It is the ideal lubricant for ensuring that your engine stays protected against wear, friction, corrosion, and heat. Make sure you always select the right oil grade according to your manufacturer´s recommendations and choose synthetic. Find the best synthetic oil at AMSOIL´s online store or contact Maints Tech Sales and Service today.

Transmission Lubrication

  • The transmission system is in charge of the movement and speed of your vehicle. There are manual and automatic transmissions and even a CVT transmission, which you can learn about, here. Basically, the transmission system is what allows your tires to move fast, slow, or have more power when going uphill. This system also requires an efficient lubricant that can help facilitate the movement of such parts and that protect the pieces against the friction they face. Just like the engine oil works in the motor, the transmission fluid is the lubricant that the transmission system requires to assist its gear shifting functions. You can click here to read more about what transmission fluid does exactly and the different types there are.
  • Transmission oil can last around 100,000 miles before it even needs to be changed. There is even a type of lifetime transmission oil that newer vehicles come with. While motor oil needs to be changed every 3,000-5,000 miles the longest it can go without an oil change is about 25,000 miles (when using specialized synthetic lubricants such as AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil). This is because the transmission system is an enclosed system where it is hard for external agents to make their way inside and contaminate it. In contrast, the engine´s lubrication system is prone to external contamination and exposed to more constant deterioration and other factors that can easily cause it to decay. For more information on the transmission system of your vehicle and how it works, check out these articles by How a Car Work´s website.

Thicker Lubrication: Grease and Its Applications

  • There are also other parts of your vehicle that require lubrication but of a different sort. Certain areas of your car such as the chassis and suspention also require lubrication but they do not have a lubricating system and therefore need a more resistant lubricant that can adhere even on surfaces. Grease is the ideal lubricant for this type of circumstances because it can stay pout on an area even when oil would slip right through and not provide significant lubrication.
  • Grease comes in many varieties and application types. It can be used in many areas and for all sorts of different vehicles, machinery, and types of applications. When towing, certain areas may require grease to facilitate the attachment and movement without problems. The towing hitch is one example of an area where certain grease may be required. When it comes to machinery grease is also a very useful and common lubricant because many times, there are pieces or areas of an equipment that face friction and require a coat of protection to reduce the wear.

  • There is a variety of grease types and protective qualities that each provides. For example, AMSOIL´s Synthetic Water Resistant Grease is ideal for protecting boat trailer wheel bearings and other areas that need to stay lubricated but that are exposed to water. Other specialized types of grease include racing greases such as DOMINATOR® Synthetic Racing Grease which is ideal for vehicles that face heat and high speeds because it provides the perfect anti-wear performance and the ideal all-temperature protection.

Everything You Need for a Synthetic Oil Change in Charleston, SC, and for All Other Lubrication Needs

No matter what type of lubricant or grease you are looking for, at Maints Tech Sales and Service you will find everything you need to keep every area of your vehicle or machine well-protected. Contact them right now at (843) 224-1454 and purchase the best AMSOIL products today.

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