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How to keep your dirt bike in good conditions to ensure that it stays durable. The importance of keeping the dirt bike clean, changing the oil, checking the fluids, and making sure the tires are in good shape.

Dirt Bike Maintenance

Owning a dirt bike is about more than just knowing how to ride it, it is also about knowing how to care for it and maintaining it in good conditions. A well-maintained dirt bike will not only last longer and perform better but will also be safer and more reliable. That is why today we want to share some of the most basic maintenance tasks that you should complete in order to facilitate the overall care of your dirt bike.

Basic Maintenace Care for Your Dirt Bike

  1. Keeping your dirt bike clean. This is very important although many don´t consider it an essential part of maintenance. After all,  a ¨dirt¨ bike, should always be dirty right? Wrong. Your dirt bike should not stay dirty, it needs to be cleaned inside and out. Sure it is fun to ride in the mud and through dirt trails but that doesn´t mean you should keep your dirt bike dirty once you get home. Washing, or at least rinsing your dirt bike can help reduce deterioration. I is also important to make sure the internal components stay clean to avoid malfunction. Read our previous post on why dirt bikes shouldn´t stay dirty, to learn more about the importance of keeping your dirt bike clean.
  2. Ensure good engine lubrication. It is very important to constantly check and verify that all the fluids in your dirt bike are in good conditions. The most important fluid and the one you need to check the most often is the oil. This liquid protector is in charge of lubricating the engine and keeping it safe from friction, rust, wear, and heat. If your dirt bike engine is running low on oil or if the oil is no longer in good conditions it can cause it catastrophic harm to the engine. Every time you ride your bike you demand a lot from the engine which is why it is important to check the oil before and after every ride. Most manufacturers recommend changing it every 8-10 hours of operation but you should check and follow the recommendations in your specific owner´s manual.
  3. Check and change all other fluids. For all other fluids such as the brake fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant, be sure to also follow your manufacturer´s instructions and check them at least every other week. Keep in mind that isn´t enough to just check the fluids and top them off with any product. What you put on your dirt bike is what will essentially help it last long or wear out fast. Investing in quality products is one of the best ways to stay safe and ensure your dirt bike´s durability. AMSOIL offers quality fluids and reliable products for your dirt bike. Try their Synthetic Dirt Bike Transmission Fluid for the best clutch feel and unbeatable wear protection or browse through AMSOIL online product page. You can also contact Maints Tech Sales and Service directly at (843) 224-1454 for additional help in selecting the right fluids for your dirt bike.
  4. Always care for your tires. These are the most important components of your bike when it comes to safety because any small problem with them can lead to a big accident. The tires need to be well inflated and in good conditions. You need to constantly check them and at the slightest sign of wear and take the proper precautions. Don´t wait till they are very deteriorated to change them. Also, make sure you check the air pressure on them. It is recommended that for the front tire you keep a 8 psi and for the rear tire 6 psi when facing muddy conditions and for dry conditions, a 14 psi (front) and 12 psi (rear) is usually best.
  5. Complete additional revisions and maintenance. Although there are other maintenance tasks that you should complete these few should get you started. For additional information and a more detailed list of the routine maintenance that your dirt bike needs, visit the On All Cylinders Website´s and read their article on dirt bike maintenance tips.

Dirt Bike Products You Need for a Synthetic Oil Change in Charleston, SC

Keeping your dirt bike in good conditions will help you stay safe and ensure that your dirt bike lasts longer without giving you problems. For the best results always use reliable products. AMSOIL offers top performing synthetic lubricants and products for your dirt bike. Contact Maints Tech Sales and Service at (843) 224-1454 for assistance in selecting the adequate products for your two-stroke or four-stroke dirt bike.

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