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A Synthetic Oil Change Can Prevent Engine Failure

We are sure you care for your car, it takes you places, helps you drive friends or family to where they need to be, and basically life would be pretty different without it. Do not risk losing your car to an engine problem. Prevent engine failure by getting your synthetic oil change today. At Maints Tech Sales and Service we know how much your engine can benefit from using synthetic oil, that is why today we want to talk about why you should get your oil change soon and start using synthetic oil now.

Different Types of Motor Oils Offer Different Levels of Protection

Motor oil is created to help the engine keep all its parts lubricated and minimize friction between those parts. There are different types of motor oils, such as conventional petroleum based motor oil, synthetic oil blends and full synthetic oil. Each type of motor oil offers different levels of protection and some offer more advantages than others. Conventional motor oil is very sensitive to certain factors and its protective properties are also lost when it encounters very high temperatures. Synthetic blend motor oil is a bit more resistant than conventional oil and can withstand higher temperatures but it does not have as many benefits as full synthetic oil.

Longer Synthetic Oil Change Intervals

Full synthetic oil such as Amsoil 100% synthetic oil is able to offer complete coverage against friction even in extreme temperatures and when facing harsh conditions. It also offers the most advantage such as protection against sludge build up and other problems that can deteriorate the oil and create a need for more frequent oil changes. Contact us now on (843) 224-1454 and find out more on how you can help your engine perform better and more efficiently.

The Frequency of Oil Changes are Affected by the Age of Your Vehicle

This is also an important factor, the more age your vehicle accrues the more likely it is that it will use up oil faster. Newer vehicles have advanced systems that are able to let you know more accurately, when the motor oil has lost its protective properties, instead of just relying in a general interval change period. Older vehicles that have been used longer and the engine parts have accumulated more wear and tear and need more lubrication and protection. This also means that worn parts may create leaks that waste oil and cause it to be changed more often. However, having an older vehicle does not mean it will necessarily use up more oil, it just means the parts may need more maintenance and care but if you keep it well maintained it should give you no problems. Take care of your older vehicle by using synthetic oil to always keep the engine lubricated.

Driving Conditions Play a Major Role in How Often Motor Oil Needs Changing

This is a very important factor in regards to how much oil your engine uses up and how often it needs to be changed or refilled. Harsh driving conditions such as constant speed changes and frequent stop and go, causes the engine to have to work harder and creates more friction and heat. Regular motor oil may wear out quicker and need to be changed more frequently. Synthetic oil, however lasts much longer and can perform more efficiently even in harsh driving conditions.

Internal and External Temperatures Can Increase the Need for Oil Changes

This is another factor that can greatly affect how often the oil will need to be changed, especially when talking about regular motor oil. Conventional motor oil thickens in cold temperatures, not being able to efficiently lubricate the engine because of its inability to flow smoothly in low degrees. It also breakdown in very high temperatures. Synthetic oil is always your best option for less frequent oil changes and more complete coverage.

Synthetic Oil Decreases the Frequency of Oil Changes

Anything from the heat to the driving conditions and even other environmental elements can cause conventional oil to deteriorate and lose its ability to fully lubricate. Synthetic oil on the other hand is much more resilient and has a strong chemical composition that can outperform regular motor oils. This also means that its lubrication properties and other protective components do not decrease when facing harsh driving conditions or other factors. Making synthetic oil much more durable and longer lasting between oil change intervals, allowing for fewer oil changes and greater savings.

Synthetic Oil Change Near Me in Charleston County

Go get a synthetic oil change near you, and let the incredible benefits of synthetic oil start taking place in your engine. Buy Amsoil today, call (843) 224-1454 now.

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