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The top common types of motorcycles. Motorcycle lubrication in general. Standard bikes, cruisers, dirt bikes, and on/off road bikes. 

Common Types of Motorcycle

Every year motorcycle sales seem to increase, more and more people are purchasing motorcycles for their personal use. Some just want to take advantage of the fact that they commute alone and a motorcycle allows them to save on gasoline. Others simply enjoy the road and more compact space of the bike that allows them to get to their destination faster. Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that year after year motorcycles and two wheel vehicles are becoming more popular.  Due to this, manufacturers are creating more motorcycle classifications made up of different types of specialized bikes created to meet the needs and wants of different customers. With this in mind, we want to talk about some of the most common motorcycle types that you will find in today´s market.

All Motorcycles Need Reliable Lubrication

Nowadays you see several different types of bikes that were not always available. Different types of bikes are created with a slightly different use in mind but with the general specifications that allow it to be a gas and space saving vehicle. General maintenance care is also very similar with a few differences between types of bikes and models. Yet, one thing that still remains constant in motorcycles and most vehicles is the absolute need for quality oil and consistent oil changes.

Select the Best Lubricant for Your Motorcycle

All motorcycles rely on an engine to properly function, although the size and characteristics may vary from engine to engine, they all have one common factor that they fight against, friction. Since the engine needs to be permanently protected against friction and wear, quality lubrication is always a must. AMSOIL offers a complete line of motorcycle oils all designed to enhance the performance and protection of your bike´s engine. Browse through their selection on their online store or contact Maints Tech Sales and Service today for help in selecting the ideal lubricant.

6 of the Most Common Types of Motorcycles

  • Standard Bikes. Thes bikes are many times known as naked bikes or roadsters and are the standard bikes used for everyday commuting. These type of bikes have a more general-purpose street use and tend to be ideal for beginners. Their engines have a moderate output that allows new riders to have good control over them and their upright riding position makes them comfortable enough to move around in the city.
  • Cruiser. These type of bikes are not exactlyt he most comfortable or efficient but they tend to be the ones that most catch our eye because of their stylish and extravagant form. The most well-known cruiser bikes are those made by Harley-Davidson and are distinctive of the 1930s to early 1960s. These type of bikes are sometimes easier to drive because they are less demanding when it comes to maintaining control and riders don´t need to be shifting as often. However, the riding position is sometimes uncomfortable for long riding periods as the handles are high up and the back is forced to lean back.
  • Sports Bikes. Sports motorcycles are created for higher speeds, better traction, improved braking and more efficient handling in the pavement. These motorcycles are more specialized but this also means that they demand more gasoline and sacrifice comfort. The rider usually has to lean forward and this position can become tiring after long periods.
  • Touring Motorcycles. These types of motorcycles are more specialized and created for traveling purposes. They are ideal for riding on the road and have larger fuel capacity to last the long roads without having to fill up so often. They are much larger and have more space for luggage. These motorcycles are designed for comfort and are quite spacious.
  • Dirt Bikes. For more off-road purposes the ideal motorcycle type is a dirt bike. Dirt bikes are designed to provide excellent performance on dirt roads and difficult trails. Most dirt bikes can only be used in these type of trails and are not designed to be used in the streets or paved roads.
  • Dual Sport. These are motorcycles designed similarly to dirt bikes but with the advantage of being legal for street use. They are created to perform on both street and off-road situations. That makes the perfect for those looking to use their bike in the city and for weekend adventures on the trails.

Synthetic Oil Change in Charleston, SC

No matter what type of motorcycle you use or prefer, make sure that you always stay on top of oil changes and that you use quality lubricants. Call Maints Tech Sales and Service at (843) 224-1454 for assistance in purchasing the perfect AMSOIL lubricant and other maintenace products for your motorcycle.

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