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Differences Between Motor Oil Types and Why a Synthetic Oil Change in Charleston County is the Best Option

There are many motor oils out there but they all fall under one of three categories; conventional, synthetic blend, and full synthetic oil. These categories catalog the structure and level...

How Synthetic Oil Can Benefit Your Engine and the Environment

Earth day is usually celebrated in April, and it is a time to reflect on our actions and decisions and how they affect the environment. Taking time, to reflect on our actions and how we can improve them to avoid polluting and prevent...

How Checking Your Oil and Synthetic Oil Changes Can Protect Your Engine

There are many problems that can be avoided by checking your oil and changing it when necessary, and most can be prevented when using synthetic oil. That is why today we want to talk about what to look for when checking the...

Avoid the Dangers of Friction With a Synthetic Oil Change

If something goes wrong with your engine, you can bet your car will stop working properly. Although we previously discussed how a synthetic oil change can protect your engine, today we would like to provide you with some more information....

Important Information on Synthetic Oil

Over the past few months we have discussed several aspects of synthetic oil and how synthetic oil changes can best protect your engine. Having more background information, and learning more on the subject, can help you make informed decisions when it comes...

A Synthetic Oil Change Can Prevent Engine Failure

We are sure you care for your car, it takes you places, helps you drive friends or family to where they need to be, and basically life would be pretty different without it. Do not risk losing your car to an engine problem. Prevent engine failure...

Experience the Benefits of a Synthetic Oil Change

At Maints Tech Sales and Service we strive to provide only the best for your vehicle and that includes filling up your engine with incredible quality synthetic oil. It is no surprise that more and more cars are changing to synthetic oil, and...
In our previous post we discussed why sometimes engine flushes sound like a positive thing for your car. We also talked about what exactly is done during those procedures. Today at  Maints Tech Sales and Service we will discuss what makes engine flushes so dangerous for your car.

When Oil...


What You Need to Know Before Going in for an Oil Change

Did you know that accepting some unnecessary procedures for your car can actually damage and completely wreck it? It is true. There are some procedures such as engine flushes that are offered when you get an oil change but when not needed...
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Thank you for visiting our new blog page. We will be updating our page with interesting and useful posts in the very near future, so do visit us again soon.In the meantime, for any questions or queries, please get in...

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